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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do students have to be Christian to attend Signet?

Signet welcomes students from all religious backgrounds. You do not have to be a Christian to be admitted but all our staff come from various Evangelical churches and we come together to teach Biblical principles from a Christian perspective. Over the years we have welcomed students of Hindi, Buddhist, Atheist, and Muslim backgrounds.


2. What makes Signet different?

The school is a unique community where the love of Christ is alive. We all experience the warm feeling of being valued helps us to set the environment for learning and working together despite our differences. All our teachers are highly qualified and experienced and so they invest in bringing out excellence in academics in each student.  Biblical principles and values such as honour, respect for others, kindness, integrity, discipline and confidence to achieve your potential are actively taught throughout daily school life.


3. What is Signet’s curriculum based on?

Our curriculum is based on the Ontario Curriculum Expectations but is customised, to incorporate expectations from a higher grade level when appropriate. Our High School offers university preparatory courses and grants graduates with an Ontario Secondary School Diploma.


4. From what grade is French taught?

French is taught starting in Junior Kindergarten.


5. From what grade is Information Technology (IT) taught?

Information Technology (IT) is taught starting in Junior Kindergarten. More about Coding at Signet here.


6. Do you have a music program?

Yes, vocals and band instruments are taught. (due to the pandemic we have no music program)


7. Is your location accessible by public transportation?

Yes, TTC buses and Bessarion Subway are within 5 min. walk.


8. Do you offer any discounts for tuition?

If you are early enough for the admission season, then yes. However always, Signet fees are lower because they have been subsidised in order to offer a high quality education at an affordable fee. Discounts may be available for early registration, groups and multiple siblings.


9. Do you offer any meal programs?

Yes, we order pizza on Fridays. (due to the pandemic, we have to pause on Pizza)


10. Future plans

Our 2016 move to our new location was a great success and we are now onto the joyous task of growing by making our name known in the area. Future plans include expansion and so we are happy in the knowledge that as we grow we will be embracing new communities by educating children and teens from this area and around the world.


11. How was Signet started?

Signet Christian school was founded in 1975 by a small group of Christian businessmen and their families who wanted a high-quality Christian education for their children. Originally our main campus was in Scarborough and we were named Scarborough Christian School (Academy). Signet Christian school was given its new name to reflect its sharper focus on the imprinting of Christ on our hearts and lives as we impact the world.


12. Are you affiliated with a Church?

As part of the Body of Christ, we share a warm relationship with many churches but are not affiliated or governed by any particular denomination. Our staff and students come from many churches and denominations and we welcome churches to share in our goal, to reach the next generation through education.


13. How is Signet governed?

We are an independent school governed by a Board of Directors who are dedicated Christian professional parents of various marketing, financial, and education backgrounds.


14. What are your Tuition Fees?

1) Click here for Tuition Fees for Canadian Students
2) Click here for Tuition Fees for International Students


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