Catherine Dume, Signet Christian School Principal

Principal's Message

Flexibility and attentiveness offer a unique educational experience grounded in a Christian worldview.

Dear Guests,

Welcome! It is always a pleasure to meet people who are interested in Signet Christian School, and we encourage you to contact us via email and we will return your call as soon as possible.

To find out what Signet is up to during this Covid situation, please visit our Remote Learning update.

Signet has been offering Canadian and international students a superb education since 1974. Indeed, the environment for learning at Signet is unparalleled. Our school is a place of safety and order, where lives are transformed with Christ’s love. We are blessed to have wonderful teachers — seasoned, caring Christians who are trained to inspire young minds and infuse the curriculum with Christian values. God’s Grace is evident everywhere in our school — in classrooms, in chapel, and on the playground. We offer innovative instruction so that students can excel in academics as well as athletics, musical theatre and art.

The strength of our school has always been found in God, and all our efforts are focused on following Him. Our foundational core values are Honour, Discipline, Confidence, and Kindness. These values are more relevant than ever in today’s world and have helped us create a cohesive, strong school that produces graduates who are ready to positively impact the world.

Each year, we focus on a set of godly values; for example, “Fortitude,” or “Perseverance”. This coming year we will look at ” Kindness”, (1 Corinthians 13:4), a character trait that we encourage through our curriculum and in daily activities in order to nurture Love and Kindness which comes from above.

As you browse our website, you will see the many happy, smiling faces of our students, infused with the joy of learning and a sense of belonging and fellowship. They beam with confidence, knowing that they are part of a safe, caring community of good friends and great teachers and held in God’s love. We are proud of all our students, but are especially pleased to see our graduates who have grown up, taken up professions, and now have families of their own, because they are living proof that the Word really rings true: Train every child in the way they should go so that when they are old they will not turn from it. (Proverbs 22:6).

That is our guiding mission at Signet, and as caring, loving parents no doubt you understand and share this hope for your children. We do believe that you will find the kind of education you seek for them at Signet.

May God continue to bless you every day!

Catherine Dumé
Catherine Dumé, MBA, MA Ed, (Honours), is an educator and ordained minister, and Principal of Signet since her appointment by the Board in 2014. Mrs. Dumé, an international education consultant, has held posts as a Director of a Bible College and teacher of a Special Education Unit. She was educated at Oral Roberts University, OK. and recently received her Certification from the National Institute of Learning Development in Toronto as an Educational Therapist-Level 1. She is a wife and mother, and is passionate about inspiring the next generation.

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