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Before & After School Caregiver

Job Description

Before & After School Caregiver in Signet Christian School must be a professed Christian who is in agreement with SCS Statement of Faith, and can produce a church reference and character reference.


Under the direction of the Principal, the Before & After School Caregiver is responsible for helping out with activities and games for participants in the program. He/she must provide the participants with a leadership role, and be a positive role model to them. The caregiver is responsible for planning, organizing and leading daily activities.


· Must be at least 18 years of age.

· Must have previous experience working with elementary school-aged children.

· Possess basic knowledge and understanding of school-aged children.

· Be a self-starter and perform the job with little supervision.

· Possess the ability to communicate verbally and in writing. Possess the ability to follow written and oral directions.

· Possess a babysitting license or CPR certification

· Must be able to handle any questions that arise with the public.

· Must be honest, in good health, accurate, have a neat appearance, and a courteous manner. Must be in good physical condition.

Duties and Responsibilities:

· Supervise morning and/or evening snacks for the participants.

· Develop and plan activities that incorporate program goals into the daily routine.

· Provide a warm and caring atmosphere and maintain a safe environment for participants

· Prepare activities that are developmentally appropriate for the age of the children.

· Communicate with the parents through daily drop-off and pick-up.

· Responsible for all activity and room preparations for the program and keep the room neat and orderly.

·  Be flexible and adaptable to new situations.

Work Hours:

The position of Before/After School Caregiver is a part-time position and is paid every two weeks at an agreed salary. The position is classified as a non-exempt hourly employee status and will be between 2 and 13 hours per week. The hours worked on a daily basis vary; a work schedule will be issued.

The Caregiver may also have to work under stressful situations when first aid or CPR is required. He/She will need to respond quickly and accurately.

Call Mrs. Dume, Principal: 416-750-7515, Extension 1001