Learning GAP and Covid

Learning Interventions…Remediation…Rescue. More children are struggling academically. School systems must change to facilitate the aftermath of Covid-19.

Administering the right prescription for inoculating an entire generation to rid them of thé ill effects of the pandemic won’t be so easy.

Children may look resilient and bounce back but we can’t assume everyone will be ok. Report cards will be vague and unable to tell parents the whole story. Falling through the cracks at any grade can hurt even the child who wasn’t struggling before.

Jonny’s Case: Just looking at him you couldn’t tell that his academics would slip as he hid behind his giftings. He was the captain of his soccer team but, missing the team and competitions he began to become very disheartened. During the lockdown, A’s turned into D’s.

Susan’s Case: Due to pandemic fears, the family pulled her from kindergarten and online schooling was impossible too for this energetic child. She wasn’t struggling before but she missed much of her foundations for learning to read or write.

Researchers speak of “mental health issues“. That is how it looks on the surface but in many learning gap cases when we repair the gap it has a direct effect on the child’s mental outlook.

This summer, schools, and parents must pivot quickly to stabilize their students. The sooner, the better.

At Signet Christian School, our hope and faith are strong! Together we tackle academic gaps and mental health in each child. We design instruction having assessed each student. Formal diagnostic screening along with close teacher intervention will point to areas of need. Our staff provides individualized care in smaller classrooms.

At Signet we are nimble. We will intervene, remediate and rescue for full recovery of each child with learning gaps.

Catherine Dumé, MBA, M.Ed. Hons.
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