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Christian Private Elementary

Elementary School – JK to Grade 8

Young children are discovering and exploring God’s world, so this is the best time to encourage their inquisitiveness and instill a thirst for lifelong learning. Our aim is to provide a positive educational experience that nurtures each child’s natural curiosity in a caring, Christian environment.

The Signet Approach

Signet has crafted an interactive and participatory learning environment for active and eager young minds. We ensure that each child receives the individual attention and support he or she needs to thrive emotionally, physically, intellectually and spiritually. We offer a flexible and student-paced curriculum in a supportive academic setting.

Spiritual Life

We foster core spiritual values and up to Grade 6 we use the ACSI Bible Curriculum. Prayer for each other and for our community is a daily exercise, and the development of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is key.

JK and Kindergarten

Our Kindergarten is unique because it is a welcoming environment for little ones to learn and cover academics mixed with play. Our ABeka Christian Curriculum is used from Kindergarten to Grade 2 and it is world-renowned for the way students learn to read using Phonics and the word of God. It also covers all the other subjects including Social Studies, Art, Language, Bible and Numeracy as a solid foundation for life and school.

  • Daily Prayer Time
  • Bible Memory Verses
  • Weekly Chapel

We believe that understanding truth and learning good habits can start very young, so character training and leadership development are introduced through creative teaching methods that make learning fun.

Signet Elementary School Curriculum Overview

  • Our core curriculum is enhanced with biblical teaching, Chapels and extracurricular activities. French and Coding is part of the curriculum from JK onward. English as a Second Language (ESL) is taught to those students who need it.
  • Lively visual, dramatic and musical arts program designed  to cultivate creativity and the imagination.
  • Robotics, Computers & Technology and Coding are  integrated to support subject-based learning.
  • Physical Education program teaches teamwork and  healthy competitiveness.• Religious Education is integrated, 11 to 25% of curriculum

Extra-Curricular Programs

  • Chess
  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Table Tennis
  • Badminton
  • and more…

ACSI Activities

  • World Concerns Day
  • Ontario Drama Festival
  • Ontario  Public Speaking Festival
  • Ontario  Chess Tournament
  • 30 to 300 Film Festival
  • Ontario  Math Olympics
  • Maritime Public Speaking Festival
  • Bible Quest
  • Ontario Sports
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