There are also other advantages like teachers can help you understand the concepts you are having trouble with better, and you can participate more. I also like being able to talk about God and learn about God. read more

Melvin (Signet Christian School Student)

When I came to this school on the first day I was very happy because I was going to a new school. I thought that time would go by slowly, but now I felt like the time went by so fast. I feel like this all happened yesterday. I will miss all the fun times in middle school, but I am also excited about going to high school. This year I learned a lot like how to study better, how to improve my English, and I really learned how to show kindness to others. I have to thank my dad because he works very hard so I can go to school here. I also want to thank my teacher and friends in this school. read more

Keenan (Signet Christian School Student)

I spent at Signet, I have learned so much. Being here has taught me how to show love to everyone, it has taught me to persevere, and especially in Grade 8, it has taught me how to appreciate every person. I want to thank my teachers, Mrs. MacNeil, Mrs. Richards, and Mrs. Chow. They have taught me to trust in God, to think intelligently and most importantly, how to have a relationship with God. read more

Ruth (Signet Christian School Student)

I changed from a girl who was not good at English and did not like to speak it, to one who was able to enjoy communication with people in English read more

Scarlet (Signet Christian School Graduate)

We are all happy to learn here at Signet Christian School. The teachers help us a lot when we have problems. They are always glad to listen and offer assistance. When you ask a question you don’t have to be afraid that the teacher will be mad at you. read more

Kelly (Signet Christian School Graduate)

Thankfully the patience and kindness of the teachers made my concerns unnecessary. read more

Liana (Signet Christian School Graduate)