What is Art?   We can’t make too many words from the actual word, however, here are a few.

Rat (the small annoying creature could be drawn, painted, molded out of plasticine, etc)

Tar (this has many uses from mending roads to making unusual objects)

The last word is tra, which has many meanings, one of which is to liberate.  Freedom has been experienced on several levels in our Art class, from expression to interpretation.

Of course within the perimeter of rules, for as we know real freedom has a method.

In my class we have learned that Art is subjective, so someone who can glean a level of beauty and connect some emotion from observing a large canvas with a red painted circle in the middle, may not see or experience anything from being shown a water scene by Monet. That is absolutely fine.

In  Art  we have been made aware of a distinct artist, Daphne Odjig. We have read about her background and a little about her influences. We have also seen pictures of her as well as her art and know that she lived to a grand old age.

Our feat was to first tackle a most painstaking task.  After choosing a desired print by the artist, it was time to attempt to draw what you were looking at without removing the pencil. A lot of the First Nations  art demonstrates  oneness and connection as well as continuity which we have learned is practised throughout their culture.

This rule of laying a good foundation was at times somewhat gruelling as comments would be made like “Miss my finger hurts” or “O’ I nearly got it, but I missed a part.”  “I have to do it again?” or “Got it” The relief and sheer anticipation to do the final copy was welcomed.

The masterpiece was first drawn using  1m x 1m brown paper patterning what was exercised. Colours were chosen to express their unique impression of the work, adhering to the discipline of not mixing the colours.  Jars were filled with water, a large and small paintbrush with a paint palette was taken and we set to bloom on a larger scale.

Some slowly and cautiously, others quickly and confidently, but all taking the time to correct, adjust and change.

Consciously or subconsciously in the fast pace of our world today, we learned patience and perseverance along with consideration and an appreciation of an amazing artist.

Our last part was of course vision. What will all my practice and patience show?

God is patient with us. We must be patient with others and ourselves, and we will see the results.


Mrs Margaret Richards has been teaching with Signet since 2004 while it was still Scarborough Christian. Solidifying the foundations for our Grade 5/6 as they enter middle school, she also brings our wide Art Gallery to life holding outdoor science labs and weather vane lessons which each child loves to make. All the alumni return to see her with glowing praise and appreciation. Margaret Richards is one of our certified Christian Educators who brings Christ to the classroom and each subject comes alive.