Welcome to Signet Christian School,
we are now with our sister school at
Three Fishes Christian Elementary School

NEW LOCATION (Effective Immediately):
1100-B Bellamy Road North (and Ellesmere Road), Scarborough
To schedule a tour and/or contact school admissions,
please email: threefishes7@gmail.com or call: +1-416-439-7008
To contact Signet Christian School Administration,
please email: info@signetschool.ca or call +1-416-750-7515

Our Signet Safety Plan

Welcome to Signet Christian Private School

(Formerly known as Scarborough Christian School)

Children enjoy a sense of belonging. Parents need to know that their child is safe, nurtured, encouraged and challenged to excel. Signet Christian School offers families a caring and supportive educational environment that prepares each young mind for a bright future.

Our Mission

We are committed to educating our students from a Biblical perspective, with excellence in academics. The school environment will be joyful and industrious, within a loving Christian context, where students may grow in the Lord.

Join the Signet Family

From Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12, our balanced and holistic curriculum seeks to develop our students’ full potential, encouraging their intellectual, spiritual, physical, emotional and social growth.
All religious or non-religious backgrounds are welcome. Please, explore our site and find out why Signet Christian School is the right fit for your family.


Our teachers make all the difference

  • Our teachers are committed, enthusiastic, supportive and deeply invested in every child’s progress and potential.
  • Our teachers take the time to know their students and tailor lessons to suit the individual and all learning styles.
  • Our teachers are highly qualified, many with 10+ years of teaching experience.

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Christian Private Elementary School

Smaller is Beautiful!

  • Promotes individualized attention, so our students feel valued and gain confidence.
  • Allows teachers more time to address individual questions and/or explain challenging concepts.
  • Helps teachers identify learning or emotional issues, ensuring that students receive the support they need.
  • Enriches and encourages class participation, interaction, collaboration and cooperation.

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A unique school with an incredible supportive environment for your child

  • Non-denominational Christian Private School.
  • Non-profit.
  • Academic as well spiritual instruction: Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum from a faith-based foundation.
  • Christian principles actively taught and form an integral part of daily life at the school.
  • A challenging and supportive academic approach that nurtures every student.
  • Traditional curriculum within a student-paced, flexible context.
  • Extracurricular activities include music, arts, drama, and athletics.
  • Safe and affordable tuitions

Our Parents Share Their Stories

“We are thankful to God that our son has been attending Signet Christian School these past three years. Our son needed more individual help, so the smaller class size means he receives more individual assistance from teachers, and it gives him the space to discuss and develop his own thoughts. In turn, this also helps build his confidence to learn. We can see that he is benefitting from his Signet teachers, all of whom have caring and kind hearts like Christ.

We also really appreciate the period of daily morning devotions. It helps our son learn and reflect on Christian values and the Bible. The practical discussions on world news encourage his personal, moral and spiritual growth, preparing him to understand the challenges of the world from a healthy, balanced perspective. Our son loves to bring those interesting discussion home too, creating more opportunities for parent-child talks at home! For so many reasons, we are thankful to God for the passionate teachers at Signet Christian School.”

How much we care
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Kindergarten to Grade 8 – One Community


Kindergarten to Grade 6

Young children are discovering and exploring God’s world, so this is the best time to encourage their inquisitiveness and instill a thirst for lifelong learning…
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Grades 7 to 8

Middle School is a time of transition. Guided by sensitive teachers in small classes, our middle school curriculum builds on the academic and spiritual foundations…
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Apply Today

Email us at: cdume@signetschool.ca

We welcome the opportunity to serve you and your family.

We promise not to give your contact information to anyone else.

Our Students Speak

When asked why they love our school, our students said:

“…because I feel at home away from home.”

“…because I love my teacher and she loves us.”

“…because I get to learn about God.”

“…because I get the attention in class so I can do well.”


Three Fishes Christian Elementary School

To schedule a tour and/or contact school admissions, please email: threefishes7@gmail.com
or call: +1-416-439-7008
Website: threefishes.ca

Schools Requesting OSR (Ontario Student Record)

Please email: student (dot) records (at symbol) ontario (dot) ca

Signet Christian School

To contact Signet school administration, please email: info@signetschool.ca
or call +1-416-750-7515
or Fax: +1.416.750.7720

New Address

Three Fishes Elementary School (TFCES)

1100-B Bellamy Road North
Scarborough, Ontario
Canada  M1H 1H2

Please contact us via email
or telephone during Covid-19 situation.

*Excluding Statutory Holidays.